TH47 Big Roll Harvester for golf course construction

TH47 Big Roll Harvester

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The TH47 Big Roll Harvester is a specialized machine used in the harvesting and installation of large rolls of turf. This machine is commonly used in the turf industry to harvest and transport large rolls of sod, which can then be used to quickly and efficiently install new turf on sports fields, golf courses, and other outdoor recreational areas.

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The TH47 turf harvester features a cutting head with multiple blades that cleanly cuts through the turf, allowing it to be easily lifted and rolled. The machine also has a conveyor belt that carries the harvested turf to the rear of the machine, where it can be neatly rolled and cut to length.

The TH47 tractor trailed turf harvester is popular among turf growers and landscapers due to its efficiency and speed, allowing for large quantities of turf to be harvested quickly and easily. It is also designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with user-friendly controls and a durable construction.

Overall, the TH47 tractor trailed turf harvester is a reliable and efficient machine for harvesting turf or sod, and is a popular choice among professionals in the turf industry.


KASHIN Turf TH47 Turf Harvester





Cutting width

47” (1200 mm)

Cutting head

Single or double

Cutting depth

0 - 2" (0-50.8mm)

Netting attachment


Hydraulic tube clamp


REQ tube size

6" x 42" (152.4 x 1066.8mm)




25 gallon

HYD pump

PTO 21 gal

HYD flow

Var.flow control

Operation pressure

1,800 psi

Max pressure

2,500 psi

Overall dimension(LxWxH)(mm)

144" x 78.5" x 60" (3657x1994x1524mm)


2,500 lbs (1134 kg)

Matched Power


PTO speed

540 rpm

Link type

3 point link

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