KTB36 sports field debris blower

KTB36 sports field debris blower

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A sports field debris blower is a specific type of debris blower that is designed for use on sports fields, such as football, soccer, baseball, or softball fields. These blowers are typically larger and more powerful than typical debris blowers, as they need to cover a larger area and remove heavier debris, such as dirt and sand. Sports field debris blowers can be mounted on tractors or other vehicles for ease of use and may feature special attachments or nozzles to direct the airflow to specific areas of the field. They are commonly used by groundskeepers to quickly and efficiently remove debris from sports fields, ensuring a safe and clean playing surface for athletes.

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Turf blowers are typically powered by gasoline engines, and use a high-velocity air stream to blow debris off of the turf surface. Many turf blowers have adjustable air flow controls, allowing the operator to customize the force of the air stream to the specific needs of the job.

Turf blowers can be used to remove grass clippings and other debris after mowing, or to blow sand or other topdressing material into the turf surface. They can also be used to dry wet turf after rain or irrigation, which can help to prevent disease and promote healthy grass growth.

One of the benefits of using a turf blower is that it is a quick and efficient way to remove debris from turf surfaces. Turf blowers can cover large areas quickly, and are often used in conjunction with other turf maintenance equipment, such as mowers and aerators.

Overall, turf blowers are an important tool for maintaining healthy and attractive turf surfaces, and are used by turf managers and groundskeepers around the world.


KASHIN Turf KTB36 Blower



Fan (Dia.)

9140 mm

Fan speed

1173 rpm @ PTO 540


1168 mm

Height adjustment

0 ~ 3.8 cm


1245 mm


1500 mm

Structure weight

227 Kg


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